Sustainable Technology


GFWA, through its parent company, Soletanche Freyssinet, is committed to the principle of sustainability. This commitment includes an in-depth study of the CO2 production linked to the activities of its two main specialist areas: soils and structures. As a mark of this new direction and the commitment to it, all Australian entities of the Group adopted a new motto at the beginning of 2007 “Sustainable Technology”, and have continued its processes since then.


GFWA services have been used in various environmental remediation projects. One application of cement-bentonite slurry walls is to create an impermeable wall to cut-off water flow and the immigration of contaminants in the ground. This technology has been implemented in a number of projects in Perth, including Omex and Stephenson & Ward Incinerator sites.

Social Commitment to Quality, Safety & Environmental Performance

The group has employee education programs in place throughout the world (such as the “Safety First!” scheme, campaigning against drug-addiction, holding safety seminars and regularly organizing methods training before starting work on sites) and has now stepped up its efforts to improve risk prevention and its safety results at the local level.

geotechnicalNannup Bridge, WA Australia

sustainable technologyBalannup Pumping Station, WA Australia