Geotechnical solutions can be applicable to any project, whether large or small. Geotechnical works are usually applied for increasing ground strength and bearing capacity, reducing total and differential settlements, mitigating liquefaction, altering ground permeability, or retaining ground.

Some special applications of geotechnical specialty contracting are:

Heavy Column Loads of Towers and Industrial Structures

In many cases heavy column loads of high rise buildings or industrial structures exceed the ground’s allowable bearing capacity or structure’s allowable settlements. Deep foundations including piles and barrettes are a safe and reliable method for meeting technical requirements.

Petronas Towers - Barrettes
Petronas Towers, Kuala Lumpur,
Malaysia: Foundation barrettes
as deep as 125 m


Non-retained excavations will usually require a gentle slope to ensure that the required safety factor for slope stability has been provided. Contiguous and secant piles, sheet piles and diaphragm walls can all be used for retaining the ground. These walls may work as cantilever or have intermediate supports provided by anchors. Diaphragm walls are an ideal solution for top to bottom construction.

100 St Georges Terrace - Diaphragm Walls
100 St Georges Terrace, Perth: Diaphragm Walls for
the construction
of deep basements

Transportation Industry

Geotechnical solutions have numerous applications in the transportation industry. Improvement of compressible soil layers in roads, railroads, ports, airports and large platforms is common practice. Bridge foundations can be subject to ground improvement or be supported by deep foundations. Piling, sheet piling and installation of caissons is the norm in the construction of quays and jetties. Providing stability in temporary and permanent excavations of tunnels and cuts is also another application.

Residential, Commercial and Industrial Structures

Depending on the ground condition any structure can be constructed on improved ground or on deep foundations, from small residential building to nuclear facilities.

Oil and Gas Projects

Oil and gas storage tanks, and foundations of plant and equipment will be supported on deep foundations or improved ground if the ground is not able to meet the technical specifications.


Gas testing shaft, Perth Australia