20th GFWA Prize held on 9 October 2012

The 20th GFWA Prize for final year undergraduate projects in geomechanics at universities in Western Australia was held by the Australian Geomechanics Society on 9 October at Engineers Australia of Perth. As last year, this year’s master of ceremony was Michael Smith from Water Corporation. The judges were Hamish Nelson from Golder Associates, Dr Harun Meer from SGS and Colin Dickson from Halcrow. This year’s winner was Stephen Suryasentana of UWA whose project title was “Numerical based prediction of CPT-based p-y curves for laterally loaded piles in sand”. Peter Gaitskell of Curtin University was chosen by the audience as the best presenter. His project title was “Image analysis of railway ballast”. The third finalist of this year’s competition was Mathew Ryding of UWA who presented his project, “Towards a rational analysis method for backfilled flexible pipes”.

20th GFWA Prize 20th GFWA Prize

Left: Rob Simpson, GFWA managing director presenting the20th GFWA Prize to Stephen Surasentana; Right: Peter Gaitskell (left), Mathew Ryding, Stephen Suryasentana with Rob Simpson (right)

 GFWA Prize winners and finalists over the past several years have been:

Prize Year Winner Best presentation Finalist Finalist Finalist
GFWA 20 2012 Stephen Suryasentana Peter Gaitskell Mathew Ryding
GFWA 19 2011 Tina Qiao Tina Qiao Stephen Kaiuki Atticus Dekuyer Ryan Williams
GFWA 18 2010 Ryan Colcott Jarrad Coffey Ben Holland  
GFWA 17 2009 Mark Simkin Alice Cargeeg Yvette N Sannier Keiran Rich
GFWA 16 2008 Saskia Barnett Brenton Parolo Lachlan Harris Eric M Y Cheung
GFWA 15 2007 Radoman Kitanovich Radoman Kitanovich David Pearce Alex Li Blake Luff
GFWA 14 2006 James De Burgh James De Burgh Vinzi Carione Alex Cull Andrew Coltrona
GFWA 13 2005 James Ayers Leon Folgiani Tom Cunningham Luke Cecchi
GFWA 12 2004 Andrew Wilson Jamie Bennett Chris Tyler Steven Morris
GFWA 11 2003 Andrew Howes Mathew Wilson Laith Tapper Ongko Sriono Ong
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