Murray Yates presents RESA at 4th International Conference on Grouting and Deep Mixing in New Orleans

Murray Yates has presented Sydney Airport’s Runway End Safety Area jet grouting project at the 4th International Conference on Grouting and Deep Soil Mixing in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. The Title of the presented paper was “Overcoming Challenges with Jet Grouting at Sydney International Airport”. Babak Hamidi, GFWA marketing manager, was the author of the paper, and other co-authors in addition to Murray were Daniel Berthier and Michal Krzeminski from Menard Bachy.

Murray is one of the pioneers of jet grouting in Australia, and the leading expert on this technique in the nation. Prior to transferring to GFWA from Menard Bachy, he had the experience of managing numerous challenging jet grouting projects in the eastern states of Australia, Papua New Guinea and Macau. He has now brought that experience to GFWA and has already completed a number of noteworthy projects in Western Australia.

Grouting and Deep Mixing conferences are held every 10 years in New Orleans. This is an opportunity for world experts to come together and to share their knowledge.

Murray Yates

Murray Yates

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